Semih Boya Pazarlama Mimarlık Dekorasyon ve Taahhüt San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Semih Boya Ltd.Co. was established in 1992 to do business in paint market and to apply electrostatic Powder paint. Beside these businesses, with developing business, this company got into the metal sheet work and started to produce metal mold, profile and pipe material and products and middle products.

Semih Boya Ltd.Co. developed very serious cooperation in a wide business area from electro-mechanic industry, heating and cooling industry, automotive industry, towel radiator and metal mold production to the paint applications. With continuing developments, our company provides its services to the industry.

Semih Boya Ltd.Co. has qualified personnel and production units to provide its quality services. Semih Paint Ltd Co. Keep investing on human sources and quality to grow better ever since it was established years ago. Semih Paint Ltd Co. knows very well that it is only possible to manufacture products with competitive prices and quality only by taking into consideration of the customer’s satisfaction.

Semih Boya Ltd.Co. provides services in automotive industry, heating, powder paint processes in electro-mechanic industry and also produces electric cable carier channels, metal frame shelters for air conditioners, industrial type metal sheet doors, plied every kind of metal sheet covers, panels. With its big size volume ovens, it holds the position as the only plant which provides Powder coating oven paint services for big materials in the region.

Semih Boya Ltd.Co. with traded mark of OFISEM continuous its developing services in easy mountable Office furniture systems and metal furniture legs and accessories

Semih Boya Ltd.Co. is located in total 3000 m2 area which of 1600 m2 closed area in industry region of Isıkkent, Bornova-Izmir

Semih Boya Ltd.Şti.

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